GMES is a European initiative (supported by the European Commission and the European Space Agency) established to fulfill the growing need amongst European and regional policy-makers to access number of geo-spatial products and information services to better manage the environment, understand and mitigate the effects of climate change and ensure civil security. Since the launch of the initial concept of GMES back in 1998, substantial investments for Research and Development have been made in Earth observation by the European Union, the European Space Agency and their respective Member States.
Over the last 10 years, numerous R&D projects have contributed to the development of the GMES infrastructure and services. The “Forum GMES 2008” held in Lille, France, in September 2008 marked the launch of the first GMES services in pre-operational mode. These services address the areas of land monitoring, marine monitoring, atmosphere monitoring, emergency response and security. The provision of these first services is ensured through R&D projects funded under the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Union.

GISAT has been following the GMES related activities since the very beginning as the mission of the company is in the best harmony with GMES principles and goals.
Since 2004 Gisat has been involved in various ESA GSE (GMES Services Element) projects, such as AquaSAGE&SoilSAGE, GUS, GSE Land or RESPOND. The close collaboration with the selected users on governmental, regional and local level made the results of the projects concluded so far successful stories how the EO technology can help during environmental decision making. Czech Ministry of Agriculture, Czech Ministry of Environment, Regional Development Agencies of Pilsen and Ostrava region, Municipalities of Prague and Pilsen or humanitarian and development aid NGO organizations People in Needs and Adra are the typical national and regional end users benefiting from provided products and services.

Currently GMES Core Service domains are supported through five major European projects co-funded by EU’s Seventh Framework Programme. Gisat has been approved as a member of the consortia for Geoland-2 project (Land Monitoring), SAFER project (Emergency Response) and G-MOSAIC project (Security). This confirms the status of the company that is ranked among the main European GMES service providers.