Earth observation data can contribute in the large extent into the infrastructure development activities. In particular, satellite data are regularly used with advantage during different project phases such as:
  • preparatory studies
  • assessment and monitoring of environemental consequences (EIA studies)
  • detailed pre-realization technical documentation
  • development / construction plan monitoring
  • support of final building approval

Main advantages of using EO data for the infrastucture development purposes are threefold: first, scale flexibility – the most cost effective data are selected and used according to scale required for particular phase; second – instant access to data, which is in particular important in developing countries where up-to-date coverage of local mapping data is often difficult to achieve; third – ability of retrospective mapping based on time series data acquisition.

Thematic services:

  • multi-criteria optimalization (e.g. road, railway or pipeline route, construction areas)
  • multi-criteria risk assessment (e.g. for nuclear dumping ground selection)
  • resource-demand analysis support (e.g. sewage size planning)
  • fragmentation analysis by linear features
  • clutter data for telecom and radio transmitter planning
  • base and thematic image maps of various scales and various purposes

Relevant projects

Acronym Name / Duration Customer
G-NEXT GMES pre-operational security services for supporting external actions
2013 - 2015 EC FP7 / e-GEOS Spa (Italy)
EOEUROPA Monitoring services for the large-scale cement plant construction and operation in Ethiopia
2012 European Space Agency (ESA)
G-MOSAIC GMES Support to security applications
2009 - 2012 EC FP7 / e-Geos (Italy)
geoland2 GMES Land Monitoring services
2008 - 2012 EC FP7 / Astrium GmbH (Germany)
FRAGMEN Landscape fragmentation mapping & analysis
2009 - 2011 European Environment Agency (EEA) & Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)
BENRAIL Satellite based orthophotomaps for railroad planning in Benin a Niger
2010 GKR HOLDING a.s. / Metroprojekt Praha a.s. (Czech Republic)
RESPOND GMES Emergency response and development support
2007 - 2010 European Space Agency (ESA) / Infoterra UK (United Kingdom)
ROADMON Land use monitoring around major roads
2009 - 2010 Czech Ministry of Transport / Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University
AFORTHOMAP Production of digital orthophotomaps for 7 Afghan cities
2008 SUDOP (Czech Republic)
ALBRAIL Satellite orthophotomaps for railroad planning in Albania
2004 SUDOP (Czech Republic)
DongGuan Vector building database for Dongguan city
2001 Alcatel (France)
LCMAN CZ Land Cover Map of the Czech Republic
1996 Mannesmann Eurocom GmbH (Germany)
INGOMAP Radar image map for oil line planning
1995 Czech Geological Institute