Satellite Maps

Satellite mosaics can be used as a convenient cartographic base in applications requiring seamless image data for large areas. During mosaicking process radiometric differences between individual scenes can be suppressed (or enhanced) to obtain image mosaic accommodating customer requirements.
Because of large amount of archived satellite data it is possible to compile a satellite mosaic for almost any region worldwide. In case of long-term archives multidate satellite data (satellite mosaics) can be used for landscape changes and landscape development evaluation.


Satellite mosaic products

We offer several off-the-shelf products. You may find the specifications in the table below.

Area Resolution Map projection Satellite data File format
Czech 30 m Krovak (S-JTSK) / Gauss-Kruger (S-42) Landsat5 TM GeoTIFF
Slovakia 30 m Krovak (S-JTSK) / Gauss-Kruger (S-42) Landsat5 TM GeoTIFF
Europe 200 m Lambert (WGS84) Landsat5 TM GeoTIFF

Beside these ready-for-use mosaics it is also possible to order a subset defined by the client.

Examples of all products can be found in image gallery. Resolution reduced data are freely available for download in Data download