Shaded Relief

Shaded relief of the Earth surface belongs to the category of the products derived from digital elevation model. It represents a raster product showing the varying terrain topography using the generated shaded relief image.



AnyShade is a shaded relief product based on the elevation data with spatial detail of 90m. The main data source is the SRTM DEM that has been processed and completed by additional elevation data to generate the final product.

AnyShade as the off-the-shelf product covers Europe and adjacent regions of Africa and Asia. This product can be easily extended to cover remaining parts of the Earth’s surface in between 56° southern latitude a 60° northern latitude.

AnyShade is delivered in geographical coordinates as 1° x 1° tiles in GeoTIFF file format. This product is available in three levels of spatial detail with pixel size of 60m, 90m and 150m.

AnyShade can be tailored according to the specific needs of each individual client. This includes color and brightness adjustment, shading parameters change, selection of the map projection or image file format.

Area Resolution Map projection DEM File format
Europe 60 m Lat/Long (WGS84) SRTM GeoTIFF
Europe 90 m Lat/Long (WGS84) SRTM GeoTIFF
Europe 150 m Lat/Long (WGS84) SRTM GeoTIFF

You may download the AnyShade sample data here (19 MB).

AnyShade previews can also be found in image gallery below.