Vector Data

In this category, we offer standardized vector databases to be delivered right from the ‘Gisat shelf’.


Land Cover / Land Use

Land Cover / Land Use data are the base for many other subsequent environmental assessment and modelling tasks. Land cover / land use can be provided on different level of spatial and thematic detail using different EO data source and ad-hoc categorization focusing strictly on particular user needs (e.g. clutter data for the telecom or radio planning industries) or using de-facto standard nomenclature (e.g. CORINE Land Cover, FAO LCCS) for multi-purpose usage.

GISAT has long term experience in land cover / land use monitoring and mapping for various purposes being also involved from the very beginning in the European CLC project development (e.g. I&CLC2000, CLC2006) as well as being service provider in ESA GSE Land related projects (e.g. SAGE, GUS).



Other data

In the cooperation with our partners, Gisat offers complex list of vector databases covering Czech Republic ready for distribution. The most popular datasets include:

  • road network
  • railway network
  • river streams
  • address points
  • cities

Prices and conditions are available upon request. Please contact us with you specification if you are looking for any data on the Czech Republic.