Archived data

Large archives of satellite data are the extensive source of geographical information on any area on the Earth surface. Due to modern archive technologies used for storage of all satellite data, the customers can get a quick and detailed information on data availability for selected area.

In general, archived data are sold for lower price comparing with current scenes. In the case of high resolution data or radar data the price of archived data may be about a half of the current one. “Archived” are usually considered data older than five years.

In the case of very high resolution data the price is lower by about 20 %. “Archived” are usually considered data older than two months. The minimum order area is very often significantly reduced comparing to the minimum area for the new acquisition.


Catalogue of archive satellite imagery

We have prepared a map application that allows you to browse through the archive database of all the major suppliers of very high resolution satellite data.

In this application – via the combination of database and spatial query – you can find detailed information about the satellite images that match your search criteria (e.g. acquisition date or cloud cover) and cover a specified area of interest. In addition to a detailed spreadsheet listing you also get footprint and quicklook of each satellite scene.

The database contains all data acquired over the area of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This database will be continuously updated and expanded to provide as much as up-to-date information on the availability of archived very high resolution satellite imagery.

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