Supplied data

Gisat, since its foundation in 1990, has been a sale representative for satellite data in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We provide our clients and all interested parties with consultancy assistance and full support. We assist with organizational as well as commercial issues regarding the satellite data acquisition, processing and interpretation.

Gisat provides its clients with the following data:
  • e-GEOS
    WorldView-1, WorldView-2, QuickBird, GeoEye-1, Ikonos, Landsat7 ETM+, Landsat5 TM, Landsat MSS, ERS 1/2, JERS, ENVISAT ASAR & MERIS, TERRA ASTER & MODIS, ALOS, COSMO-SkyMed, Radarsat-1, Radarsat-2, IRS P6, IRS-1C, IRS-1D
  • Astrium Services
    Pléiades-HR-1, SPOT 1/2/4/5, SPOT Vegetation, FORMOSAT-2, KOMPSAT-2, TerraSAR-X, TerraSAR Tandem-X
    IRS 1C, IRS 1D, IRS–P6, IRS AWiFS, Resourcesat-1, Cartosat-1, Cartosat-2
  • MDA Geospatial Services
    Radarsat-1, Radarsat-2, EROS A/B
  • GeoEye
    IKONOS, Orbview-2, Orbview-3, GeoEye-1
  • Astrium Services
    TerraSAR-X, TerraSAR Tandem-X
  • USGS
    EO-1 Hyperion & ALI
  • DMC International Imaging
    DMC, NigeriaSAT-2
    RESURS-0-1 (KFA-1000), RESURS-0-2 (MK-4), RESURS-0-3 (KFA-3000)

We can provide you with the data from the above satellites covering any area on the Earth’s surface. If the area of request has not covered or if the client needs really up-to-date data we can arrange true-to-size programming of the selected satellite.

Our experiences based on long-term cooperation with the world-wide satellite operators guarantee an optimum selection of the data commensurate with requests and needs of our customers. We are able to accommodate also unusual orders of data that are not commercially available. We have a special access to the data from explorer satellites and data obtained from military archives.

We sell the data in original form i.e. how they are obtained from the satellite companies. These “raw” data require further processing that allows for their commercial use. If you don’t want to deal with problem of data processing but you have the idea what you need, you are very welcome to use our services.

In the next section you can find the list of available satellite data and a brief overview of their use. They are clustered in three categories according to their spatial resolutions. An individual section is devoted to the satellites using radar data acquisition systems.