Consultancy & Management

Wide spectrum of our products and focus on quality of services we provide is a precondition of Gisat good reputation on national and international geoinformation market. Currently Gisat, is one of the leading service providers in the environment and agriculture domain European-wide and respected partner in provision of spatial information in general. Due to a long-term experiences with geoinformation services development as well as detailed insight to actual technological abilities or Earth observation and GIS, Gisat offers range of consultation, training and supporting services for our customers in following areas.



Gisat provides complete consultancy services covering all steps of remote sensing data and GIS implementation strategy. Starting from user information requirements, we guide also with technological, organisational and financial aspect of effective remote sensing data usage and GIS framework adoption. In summary our consultation services are focused mainly on:

  • user requirements specification
  • analysis of available satellite data
  • selection of acquisition window
  • effective use of Earth observation data in GIS environment
  • GIS database design & data modelling
  • GIS analysis & modelling
  • GIS cartography and presentation capabilities



Based on our long-term experiences from multiple project leading and management, Gisat provide complex support services in the area of preparation and running successful project on national or international level. Activities supported include:

  • feasible funding mechanism selection
  • balanced team creation
  • preparatory activities and project proposal writing
  • contract negotiation support
  • project management (both technical and financial aspects)
  • project reporting
  • financial audit preparation