GIS services

Geoinformation system (GIS) technology has evolved into powerful computer based technology for flexible management, analysis and presentation of spatial information. Most of the current customers databases contains implicit spatial information allowing to be spatial enabled through the location. On the other hand, this potential is still often not exploited for company service provision or internal management processes enhancement. Finding the way of the proper spatial localization is the key to add a brand new (spatial) dimension to such databases and providing new data relations in spatial manner.

Gisat has long term experience with spatial aspect integration into ‘classic’ information systems. We provide our customers complex services on GIS creation, whether on preparation and implementation level. In particular, Gisat supports following steps of this process:

  • user requirements specification
  • technical and organisational proposal for GIS implementation
  • GIS database design and data models
  • effective use of Earth observation data in GIS environment
  • DB content creation
  • proposal and implementation of GIS analysis
  • GIS analysis & modelling (internal and external m