Since 1991 Gisat acts as the authorized reseller of the full range of geomatics software solutions developed by PCI Geomatics. Founded in 1982, PCI Geomatics is a world-leading, innovative developer of image-centric software for the geospatial industry. Specializing in remote sensing, digital photogrammetry, spatial analysis, map production and automated production systems, PCI Geomatics’ technology turns images into information.
Gisat provides its clients with complete range of services related to software distribution. Starting from supplying the detailed technical information about individual software tools, licensing rules and other issues, through the provision of demo versions and evaluation licences till the software delivery, software support options and training lessons.

After long-term partnership with Definiens (from 2010 Trimble eCognition) Gisat has become the authorized reseller for full range of the eCognition Enterprise Image Intelligence™ Suite solutions.


PCI Geomatics

With Geomatica, PCI Geomatics offers the most complete geospatial software solution to date. Geomatica breaks down the conventional divisions in traditional remote sensing, GIS, photogrammetry, cartography, web and development tools. All of these are offered in a single integrated environment, meaning fewer errors, less wasted time, and greater productivity. With an emphasis on automation and full raster and vector integration, Geomatica offers solutions for all of your geospatial processing needs while maintaining complete interoperability with other geospatial tools.

Follow the link to PCI Geomatics homepage to get detailed information about Geomatica and other solutions or contact us if you need any additional information.




The eCognition Suite enables unrivalled image analysis across a huge range of applications. Be it a single user performing basic viewing and analysis tasks, semi-automated click-and-classify object detection, or automated high-volume batch processing, it is the world’s leading platform for every image analysis task.

Follow the link to eCognition homepage to get detailed information about the eCognition Suite and the other solutions or contact us if you need any additional information.