Interferometric solutions for transportation sector in Czech Republic

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The problem

Series of R&D and commercial contracts have been developing and implementing satellite interferometry solutions within the transportation infrastructure sector. The clients are institutional operators responsible for construction and maintenance of road and railway infrastructure in Czechia. They deal with adverse deformations of infrastructure objects such as bridges, embankments or ground and slope instabilities posing a risk to exposed infrastructure elements.

Our solution

Gisat has developed and implemented several tailored solutions based on state-of-the-art persistent scatterers interferometry (PSI) algorithms, decision support tools and frameworks.

Gisat has developed optimal design of single-headed corner reflectors certified for installation on bridge objects in Czechia. Subsequently, the design has been further elaborated and double-head corner reflectors of our proprietary design are being used to support monitoring slope instabilities around D8 highway.

We have developed certified methodologies for assessment of PSI feasibility in context of deformation risks to transport infrastructure and bridges. Our solution helps in identification of adverse spatial and temporal deformation patterns in the D8 highway area threatened by landslides and along the 120km long railway segment in west bohemia.


MT InSAR has proved as cost-effective solution that brings benefits by complementing traditional monitoring techniques and thanks to its ability to identify deformation hot spots and risky temporal deformation patterns both from retrospective and proactive mapping.