Consultation and capacity building

Contact our expert, Jan Kolomazník

With more than 30 years of experience, Gisat experts share their knowledge providing consultation services to a wide community of users and clients and help them build their own technical or thematic capacity in environmental data use and analysis.

Capacity-building activities have become an indispensable component of many projects and client-oriented applications. Physical on-site workshops or on-line webinars, both aim at improving clients’ capacity to understand, handle and analyse complex solutions based on Earth Observation satellite technology.

We have a proven record in consultancy and provision of workshops in tailored formats delivered by our consultants and specialists to clients from governmental, regional or private institutions in Czechia, Myanmar, Georgia, Armenia, Bhutan and Vietnam, to European institutions, NGOs or international financial institutions such as World Bank or Asian Development Bank.

Would you like to use Earth Observation or other geospatial data, but not sure where to start and which roadmap to follow? Feel free to contact us and our experts will prepare consultation meetings or capacity building programme tailored just to your needs.