Online exploration and analytical platforms

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While a vast amount of spatial data is available from various sources (such as OpenData, EO imagery, statistical data or citizen science data), considerable effort is still needed to derive required information out of these datasets. Often, it results in situations that data is not effectively used. Technical & information support and actual decision making levels are often largely disconnected, which prevents desired effective information flows. Loops between the experts who generate the data and the ones who use it to gain new information to make decisions have to be therefore streamlined.

We provide an Open Source framework allowing rapid development of web portals and applications supporting interactive exploration and analysis transforming rather complex data into standard information, offering user-friendly tools to understand, describe, compare and explain environmental changes in socio-economic context. In order to achieve this level of flexibility, functionalities go far beyond the traditional concept of data provision or simple web mapping. The focus is on predefined themes, reducing complexity, provision of an intuitive interface and instant response in a general concept that is taken from business analytic. Our web applications integrate all main standard presentation modes - maps, tables and charts in an interlinked manner. User is also free to choose the most appropriate level of granularity for analysis or define his own analytical units. Analytical views on the data can be stored, exported (e.g. for reporting purposes) or shared for co-creation with other users using live URL links.