Satellite data

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Based on the long-term partnerships with all major commercial satellite operators and satellite data providers Gisat represents the centre point for all clients interested in satellite data acquisition. Clients can take advantage of professional consulting and advising services related to the choice of the most suitable data, accurate processing and integration with existing tools and databases. Thanks to our long-term experience with the use of satellite imagery in diverse application areas we can guarantee cost effective and straightforward solutions customised to the clients needs and requirements.

Gisat provides a full range of services starting from archive search to identify satellite products already available up to the various levels of satellite tasking to acquire new imagery according to the clients specification.

Gisat also provides full support to the clients interested in the use of free satellite imagery, such as data acquired by Landsats or Sentinels satellites. Based on our extensive experiences in using these datasets we may recommend appropriate source archives, automate the data search & download and apply various pre-processing routines to provide tailored satellite data products to every client.