Agricultural monitoring and food production assessment serving farmers, industry, governments and agencies.

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Farming is a complex business. Key agriculture challenges - feeding a growing population, providing a livelihood for farmers, and protecting the environment – currently face serious challenges related to climate change, soil erosion and biodiversity loss. Increasingly volatile weather and more extreme events change growing seasons, limit the availability of water, allow weeds, pests and fungi to thrive – all and all challenging the crop productivity and economic profitability. At the same time, the world’s farmland is shrinking.

New approaches and technologies are therefore inevitable for farmers and the agriculture industry to adapt to these changing economic, ecologic and social factors. Our Earth observation solutions for operational agricultural monitoring and food production assessment provide support for such an adaptation.

Crop & grassland monitoring

Services implementing diverse aspects of agricultural monitoring. They focus on cropland extent and crop type mapping to support agricultural statistics, crop yield estimation and forecasting, crop health and disease assessment, crop damage and agricultural drought monitoring.They also enable monitoring of farming practices, crop rotation, grassland management or vegetation stress and phenology assessment.

The services provide regional, nationwide or continental information about the cultivated areas and crop conditions to support the implementation of agriculture administration & statistics system and decision making in trading on agricultural commodity markets, food security, agricultural risk insurance, climate change impacts assessment and many other sectors.

Smart farming

Services supporting the implementation of precision farming and site-specific farm management. They are based on analysis of satellite imagery to monitor field heterogeneity and to enable the application of variable fertilization, seeding and irrigation. Also, a wide range of decision makings in farm management is supported, including the planning of plant protection, harvest management, irrigation planning, drought and soil erosion assessment.

Our goal is fulfilling the mission to provide affordable and worldwide services that bring considerable added value to farmers, especially in increasing the farming efficiency, decreasing the costs and ensuring compliance with environmental requirements for farming.

The smart farming services are provided in collaboration with CleverFarm company that contributes with IoT monitoring services and farming consultations.

Agricultural monitoring to support CAP controls

Services supporting the operation of Checks by Monitoring to be implemented as part of the Area Monitoring System (AMS) within the framework of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). They are based on analysis of satellite imagery to enable operational full country monitoring of various cropping and agronomic practices.

The assessment aims at ensuring the conformity of farmers declarations with the real situation on each declared parcel, including verification of declared crops, compliance with various environmental requirements (e.g. catch crops, nitrogen fixing crops, fallow land), growing of specific crops (e.g. hemp, protein crops), grassland management (ploughing, mowing, grazing) or monitoring of permanent crops (e.g. vineyards, orchards, hops). Also, diverse services to improve the quality of the Land Parcel Information System (LPIS) and the LPIS update process are part of the solution.

The services are provided to Paying Agencies in EC countries to support their decision making within the modernised Integrated Administration and Control Systems (IACS). They contribute to increasing the quality, efficiency and traceability of the AMS control processes as well as reducing the costs of the AMS operation.